In this section we have highlighted a special selection of pieces that we thought you should know more about. Just click on the title or picture of each piece and you can read details on the artist, the piece and how it came to be. Be sure to check back here often, as we will be changing the highlighted pieces often.

Cherry  Brandy by Alexei Antonov

Cherry Brandy

Alexei Antonov

Passing Beauty by Alexei Antonov

Passing Beauty

Alexei Antonov

Vertigo 1 (9/25) by Paige  Bradley

Vertigo 1 (9/25)

Paige Bradley

Vertigo 2 (9/25) by Paige  Bradley

Vertigo 2 (9/25)

Paige Bradley

Vertigo 3  (9/25) by Paige  Bradley

Vertigo 3 (9/25)

Paige Bradley

Vertigo 4  (9/25) by Paige  Bradley

Vertigo 4 (9/25)

Paige Bradley

Vertigo 5  (9/25) by Paige  Bradley

Vertigo 5 (9/25)

Paige Bradley

Blancos by Pineda  Bueno


Pineda Bueno

Las Velas by Pineda  Bueno

Las Velas

Pineda Bueno

Going Home by Edouard  Cortes

Going Home

Edouard Cortes

Toro Park by Donald  Craghead

Toro Park

Donald Craghead

Oregon Coast Line by A. Dzigurski Sr.

Oregon Coast Line

A. Dzigurski Sr.

Alpine Landscape by Heinriche Frische

Alpine Landscape

Heinriche Frische

Flower Market by Vasily Gribennikov

Flower Market

Vasily Gribennikov

Port of Entry by Vasily Gribennikov

Port of Entry

Vasily Gribennikov

Venetian Sails by Vasily Gribennikov

Venetian Sails

Vasily Gribennikov

Boy with Cat by Glenn Harrington

Boy with Cat

Glenn Harrington

Spring Arrival by Carolyne Hawley

Spring Arrival

Carolyne Hawley

White Knight by Carolyne Hawley

White Knight

Carolyne Hawley

Cypress Pathway by Sally  Jordan

Cypress Pathway

Sally Jordan

Evening by Slava Korolenkov


Slava Korolenkov

French Landscape by E. Galien Laloue

French Landscape

E. Galien Laloue

La Madeleine by E. Galien Laloue

La Madeleine

E. Galien Laloue

In Repose by Kelvin  Lei

In Repose

Kelvin Lei

Evening View by Luigi  Loir

Evening View

Luigi Loir

La Barque by Luigi  Loir

La Barque

Luigi Loir

At Anchor by Louis  Magre

At Anchor

Louis Magre

Pulling in the Nets by Ernst  Nowak-Novak

Pulling in the Nets

Ernst Nowak-Novak

Aegean Sea Village by Fani  Parlapani

Aegean Sea Village

Fani Parlapani

Parisian Ladies by Fani  Parlapani

Parisian Ladies

Fani Parlapani

Trapeza by Fani  Parlapani


Fani Parlapani

Village Pond by Alexander Popoff

Village Pond

Alexander Popoff

Waterfall by F  Schafer


F Schafer

In the Garden by Jeanne Selmersheim-Desgrange

In the Garden

Jeanne Selmersheim-Desgrange

The Dry Martini by Thomas Stiltz

The Dry Martini

Thomas Stiltz

Road to Stadgezicht by William  Van Der Salm

Road to Stadgezicht

William Van Der Salm

Creek In The Bottom by Michael Wheeler

Creek In The Bottom

Michael Wheeler

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